What We Do

 Participating Student Researchers produce a diverse range of reef based multi media.  Look here at examples of just some of the types of media that our students produce.

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Expected Outcomes

Apart from creating a functional Science Based multi-media production team of PADI Certified Research divers, participating schools can expect a vast range of potential in-house media.  Look here to see details of all aspects of the program.

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SEASFiRE Packages

 Even with all the innovations, the initiatives, and the adaptations, schools are still structured on a 19th century model. Look here to see how Seasfire is changing the paradigm of Education.

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Seasfire Critter DataBase
& Reef Locations Interactive Map

A link with Seasfire's student built Critter DataBase.  Find scientific information on fish, corals, sponges and more. Together with the Seasfire Reef Map System this is a powerful informational resourse for divers and anyone interested in the reefs of Malaysia.


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