SEASFiRE is a citizen science initiative, which combines conservation education with scuba diving, science and media creation.  Our adventure programmes enable you to learn about coral reefs, rainforests, and much more by visiting, studying and researching these amazing environments.  You'll publish photos, videos, data, research and articles about what you discover. We work with teachers, youth organisations, and individuals, exposing them to richer experiences of the natural world. We work with many school groups, supporting curriculum for Middle School, IB and AP geography, science and environmental classes. Each of our programmes are bespoke creations, designed with your learning goals in mind.  We provide training in media production, conservation research, and scuba diving to all participants. The programmes culminate in field trips to Malaysia, where you'll put into action everything you have learned. Programmes range in duration from one-week intensive experiences, through to year-long programmes where the material is mastered before the field expedition. We're always happy to discuss new things we can do.  Contact us to find out more.