Inspired by the TED talks of Ken Robinson and the idea that students learn better by doing, SEASFiRE grew from the premise that formal education wasn’t keeping up with the technological and lifestyle changes of the touchscreen generation. A team of PADI dive instructors and the Head of Science at a prestigious international school set out with an idea to mingle arts and science education underwater and publish the results.

Our idea quickly grew into an extracurricular programme at Mont’Kiara International School that turns our shared students into mini-‘National Geographic’ teams, carrying out and publishing high quality research and documentation.

Our programmes complement science education with meaningful, real-life experiences. We have been working at MKIS for four years, and have recently started running programmes with Shanghai American School and now offer programmes to individuals, companies and youth groups.

By making scuba diving the hub of the programme, the academic knowledge required to complete it becomes exciting and experientially focused. Participants develop their knowledge of marine life, the environment, and conservation with a definite aim in mind and tasks to complete. All of our programmes are designed specifically for the group we are working with – we don’t do ‘one size fits all’ programmes.  Contact us to find out more.