SEASFiRE is a citizen science programme, which combines conservation education with scuba diving, science and media creation. We offer programmes in which you can learn to scuba dive, and visit some of the most beautiful places on earth, learning about coral reefs, rainforests, and much more. During the programme you’ll carry out and publish different projects, spanning conservation science, new media, underwater photography, and research methodologies.

Our programmes culminate in a field trip to Malaysia, where you can scuba dive, visit 130 million year old rainforests, and complete and publish research on biodiversity, as well as capturing unforgettable images.

We work with individuals, schools, youth groups, and companies to create unique experiences, which enable participants to master new skills and develop greater respect for our environment. We can run year-long programmes with weekly engagement with the group, or intensive, workshop-based sessions. All of our programmes are tailored to each group’s requirements, and we’re always happy to discuss new things we can do.  Contact us to find out more.