Andrew M. Keogh

1506409_10155181145395534_1631162096773081558_nAndrew is a Master Scuba Diver Trainer and certified Dive Industry Technician. He has dived throughout Malaysia and South-East Asia in the past thirteen years, and has worked as a Divemaster, Instructor and Dive Centre Manager in that time.

Originally from Ireland, Andrew holds both a Bachelor degree and a Masters degree in Business Studies from Dublin City University.  An inveterate traveler, Andrew has simultaneously developed his diving career and managed a number of entrepreneurial businesses, including a boutique film production company and the operations of a risk management organization based in Budapest, Hungary.

Andrew brings a unique mix of dive and business management experience to SEASFiRE, which represents the culmination of several years’ work to establish a business centered around the underwater experience that has at its centre a strong educational component focused on ecology and environmental protection.

Christian B. Ogle

Christian is a Science Educator with over 15 years of experience teaching in top tier International schools around the world.  Prior to teaching Christian served as an agricultural advisor for the UN and UNICEF in Suriname, South America.  Christian has taught both AP and IB Biology as well as Environmental Science and Integrated Science in locations from New York City, to Kuala Lumpur, to Shanghai, China.

Originally from the Great State of North Dakota in the United States, Christian now calls Malaysia his home.  Christian holds a Bachelor’s in Biology and a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Media Communications.  Christian also holds a Masters Degree in Science Education from Columbia University where he was an Educational Fellow at Columbia’s Graduate School of Education.

Christian’s mix of Science Education and Media Communication, together with his passion for exploring tropical reefs and rainforest habitats, brings SEASFiRE a unique perspective in the integration of cross-curricular educational design and Media Production.   He brings these passions to SEASFiRE with his dream of creating a Conservation Organization capable of broadcasting the beauty and wonder of these remarkable habitats, as well as the threat they face, to the general public.  Christian has been diving since he was first certified in 1984 and is currently a certified Rescue Diver.

Sharon Randhawa

ShazSharon Randhawa has been diving for over fifteen years, and has a passion for photographing the reefs of Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, documenting the enormous biodiversity found in these waters.

A PADI Dive Instructor, Sharon has worked as a Divemaster in both Thailand and the Perhentian islands, and as a Dive Instructor and Dive Operations Manager in the Perhentians.

Sharon has long dreamed of establishing a program where the dive industry could work with schools and local stakeholders to play an active role in the protection of the marine environment.  Her dive experience, passion for marine conservation, and her love of underwater photo-documentation combine to enable her to deliver a strongly-focused dive and educational experience for SEASFiRE participants.

Erika Antoniazzo

erikaErika Antoniazzo is a Master Scuba Diver Trainer with nearly thirty years of diving experience. From day one the underwater world captured her imagination. When she started diving in the cold, murky waters of Switzerland it was the silence (nothing but bubbles) and weightlessness that got her hooked and when she did her first dive in tropical waters her life changed for good.
Together with her husband she owned a Scuba Diving Centre on Perhentian Island, on Malaysia’s east coast, for fifteen years, during which she did thousands of dives and taught hundreds of students. She also taught courses in Indonesia and Thailand for a further four years.

Her interest in marine life deepened throughout her diving career. She learned the names of every fish, coral and other marine creature she came across. Soon she developed an interest in underwater photography, started editing her photos using Photoshop, went on to win several photography contests and created a website to exhibit her photos online. She also experienced the impact of climate change and tourism on the underwater world first hand.

In The Netherlands, where she was born and currently lives, Erika did a coaching course; so on top of transmitting her passion for the underwater world she can coach students to overcome and solve learning difficulties throughout the SEASFiRE programme.