A bit of a letdown after so much time, but unfortunately, the Guinness Book of Records hasn’t accepted our world record attempt. See the letter below for details.


Dear Erika Antoniazzo

Thank you for sending us the details of your proposed record attempt for ‘Longest braided rope from used plastic bags ‘.

Unfortunately, after thoroughly reviewing your application with members of our research team, we are afraid to say that we cannot accept your proposal as a Guinness World Records title.

While we certainly do not underestimate your proposal, we think that it is a little too specialised for a body of reference as general as Guinness World Records. Although we are not currently able to accept your proposal for a new record, we will keep your details on file and will let you know if our decision changes in the near future.

Whilst we appreciate this is not the decision you hoped for, we trust that you will understand our decision. You may want to consider these record titles as alternatives:

· Longest chain of plastic bags
For information on what makes a record, we would advise before submitting an application to visit http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/FAQ/what-makes-a-world-record. This page will provide you with helpful information if you are thinking about breaking or setting a record.

Once again thank you for contacting Guinness World Records.

Kind regards,
Records Management Team