Today is officially the last day that we are going to dive, and we can’t dive deep because we are taking a plane tomorrow. As we learned in open water diving lessons, people shouldn’t take planes within 18 hours after diving. In the morning, we got chance to draw the view underwater. We brought the canvas that we got on the first day of the trip and head towards the island. Underwater, I draw a piece of blue reef and some fish. The climax of this morning is when Brett proposed to the girl that he loved with success. In the afternoon, we went to shallower water and did skin diving. While skin dividing, we also collected shattered corals for replantation. The coral reef here is the best among everything I’ve ever seen. At night, since this is the last night we are spending in Malaysia, my friends and me went to an expensive restaurant. The food was great. At the end, we didn’t even have enough money to pay for the food. It is awkward, but the thing got solved as we changed more money.

I will miss diving in Malaysia although this is already my second time diving here.