The past 11 days went by like a blur. As we bond together more, the days keep on getting more fun and passes even faster. Compared to other things, gaining a diving certificate was probably one of the least worthy achievements. This trip had made me more aware of human’s activities impact on this planet: I had witnessed deforestation first hand and global warming’s bleaching of corals. These experience had totally changed my mindset and will definitely influence my identity as a consumer. I’ve seen the beauty of the jungle and the sea and experienced the exotic culture of Malaysia.

I wish I had read more about the jungle and the sea before going on this trip. This way, I would have realised the importance of the things I saw while seeing them, rather than realising the significance afterwards. I did not realise how rare it was to spot a wild orangutan, let alone three in a row.

The trash picking was an impactful experience as well. The beach of the Downbelow camp seemed so clear, yet we were able to pick up so much trash. We were able to pick up dozens bags of trash. It really opened my eye to the severeness of human’s waste of plastic on the ocean.

Overall, this trip and the people on this trip indeed impacted who I am now.